Listen you are never to old to get excited about the things you used to love as a kid, like your favorite movies, favorite TV shows, favorite food whatever. Well one thing that gets me excited is seeing all my favorite TV shows and sitcoms getting a reboot.

According to News13 it looks like the Big Red Dog aka Clifford is getting a reboot. The new show offers more diversity among the human characters and puts Clifford's beloved 7-year-old owner, Emily Elizabeth, front and center in his Birdwell Island adventures. Each episode will feature a song from the older episodes and as far as the characters they will remain pretty much the same. Only thing different is that Clifford's fur is more fluffier and he is bigger with a rounder face.

I like the fact that TV networks are looking to bring back a lot of classic shows. I always say the '90s was the last of a dying breed of authentic work. Long as the remake isn’t too off I’m sure the Big Red Dog will continue to be a child’s favorite.

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