April showers don’t always bring May Flowers in upstate New York, sometimes bring May Snow showers.   It doesn’t look like we are out the clear yet, because meteorologist are calling for snow this weekend.

 Yes, you read it correctly, it might snow on Mother's day weekend.    According to, AccuWeather meteorologists anticipate the upcoming weather to bring snow and freezing conditions throughout the Capital region. 

It doesn’t look like it will be an accumulation, but still, the fact that it was 80 degrees last weekend.  Although we should be used to this kind of weather now because low temperatures in the upper 20s to the lower 30s F are not uncommon through the middle of May for the capital region.  Still, snow in May is will always seem weird to me. 

I remember one time in Buffalo it snowed in June. Keep your winter coats around because you will need them this weekend.  The weather should encourage people to stay home and ride out the rest of the NY Pause that ends on May 15th.

 Happy mothers day to mom and stay warm this weekend with the possibility of snow.

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