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The (Unconfirmed) Dirty Secret of the ‘Red Seat’ on the USS Slater
A vital and historic piece of World War II history sits in her glory, restored and anchored in the waters of Albany's Hudson River.  The USS Slater DE 766 in fact, is the only ship of its kind to remain afloat in the entire USA.  But until recently, nobody talked about why one of the seats inside th…
Mother's Day Snow
According to, AccuWeather meteorologists anticipate the upcoming weather to bring snow and freezing conditions throughout the Capital region.
Shooting In Colonie
Police Investigating A Drive-By Shooting In Colonie. There were three bullet holes in the home which is occupied by several adults and children.
Schenectady Bear Defiantly Dismisses Social Distancing
A black bear bear was caught on tape curiously sniffing around on a man's front porch in Schenectady County on Sunday night.  Local residents are wondering where the migrating mammal was off to next and why it wasn't practicing proper social distancing?
Eric B. Released From Jail
Damn! Who knew he was even locked up, this definitely didn’t go viral on social media. The rapper turned actor was part of the legendary duo Eric B. Rakim, if you don’t know.
Maybe this didn’t make the news because dude only did 2 weeks in jail...
Man Stabbed Over Popeyes Chicken Sandwich
Seriously?! What is going on out here? People are just raging over nothing. This couldn’t have happened over no chicken sandwich at Popeyes.
Now a couple of weeks ago, I told ya’ll about how Popeyes was bringing back that chicken sandwich...
Studies Show People Who Run Late Are Happier?
You ever had to be somewhere at a certain time and just knew you were gonna be little late? Well no rush studies have shown people running late are a lot happier and they could live a lot longer. According to studies from Harvard University the Harvard medical school says people who are running late…
Nasa Gets In The Halloween Spirit With A Spooky Sun Pic
Over the weekend NASA decided to get into the Halloween spirit and post a picture of the Sun looking like a giant flaming Jack-o-Latern!
NASA captured the spooky image on October 8, 2014. The face is the result of active regions of the sun burning more brightly than others, NASA said...
Worst Luck Ever
A man survived a car crash yesterday on I-787, he flipped his car into a tractor-trailer. He was pinned underneath of the tractor-trailer, firefighters had to cut away the flatbed, the car was stuck under.
I Went Down The UFO Rabbit Hole And There’s No Turning Back
Last weekend a buddy of mine turned me on to a few documentaries about Area 51, alien spacecraft, the Air Force and Navy pilots who've witnessed 'something crazy in the sky' and one man in particular; his name is Bob Lazar.  I've always considered myself somewhat of a skeptic on anything, not just U…
The 5 Funniest Names of Nudist Events in New York
Okay, so I'm not a nudist.
I have nothing against people who are- I mean, hey, to each their own.  I have actually even had my own experience on a nudist beach out in Utah while camping along the Colorado River (unintentionally).  But I do happen to find comedy in puns...
Donkey Of The Day
Donkey of the Day goes to an Uber Eats driver who was arrested for pleasuring himself outside a woman's house after delivering her food.

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