Check Out Albany Airport Snowblower-Driveway Snow Gone in 3.5 Sec
I know we have been experiencing a heatwave and not thinking of winter in the Capital Region. But if I could find a way to scrape together hundreds of thousands of dollars, I would buy this new snowplow that the Albany Airport has just bought. It removes snow in seconds and it throws snow hundreds o…
Mother's Day Snow
According to, AccuWeather meteorologists anticipate the upcoming weather to bring snow and freezing conditions throughout the Capital region.
Tips To Help You Get Ready for Winter in Upstate NY
Winter is coming if we want it to or not , that's just life in upstate NY. Whether you live here or visit during the winter time, then you know it can be really cold, like freezing temperatures during the winter season. According to Current Results the lowest temperature reached in 2018 was -10…
Winter Hacks Using Household Items
Like it or not, winter has come early. With the first snowfall upon us, here are a few winter hacks that you can do with household items to make your car ready for the cold and snow.
Snow Emergency Plan
Please be advised the City of Albany has issued a SNOW EMERGENCY that will begin on Saturday, March 3, 2018, at 8:00 A.M.. At that time, all normal parking rules and regulations are temporarily suspended.
Best Places To Go Sledding In The Capital District
The 518 is being bombarded with snow today school is closed a lot of business's are closed and mostly everyone is indoors. It made realize I haven't participated in a great American past time which is sledding.
I'm not originally from Albany so I had to find the best spots to go sledding in the wea…
Albany Area Snow Emergency List
Some people are calling it Nemo but most people are calling it a blizzard, which is what it is. Many cities in the Albany area have snow emergency policies for snow removal, so check our list to make sure you don't get towed or violate the emergency order!
Blizzard Preparation
The Capital Region is looking at a big, messy snow storm on Friday. The heaviest stuff is expected to hit sometime during the afternoon and continue throughout the evening, possibly until Saturday morning. The area could get buried with about 9 inches of snow. Areas east of Albany could see more. I …
Snowstorm Photos from Around the Albany NY + Capital Region Area
Everyone has a ton of snow storm photos in the Albany NY area. We always gets more than our fair share of snow storms (most winters), and we can never see enough great photos of snow. If you ski or board, it's heaven for you - or if you have children in your life, it's a great joy to watch…