Today's Hot topic comes from a listener who is having a problem managing the finances in his relationship and he wants other peoples opinions on what is going on between him and his wife here is what he had to say:

I am writing this because I want my wife to hear this on the radio. I’m not trying to sneak dis her maybe hearing other people's opinions might help her. We are newlyweds, we have been married since November and we have been getting along great except for one thing, our bank accounts. COVID-19 struck and we are both essential workers so the pandemic didn’t really affect us financially.

My wife is trying to act like we are so broke when in truth she spends all the money in her account and is constantly asking me to “borrow” some money which she never pays back. I feel like we should share an account, pay all of the bills out of that account and save what’s leftover. She feels like we should have separate accounts and since I make the most money, I should pay the majority of the bills.

She moved into my house after we got married and her thinking is, I would have to pay the bills if I was there alone. She wants to contribute but keep her money to her self. She said she read in a book that since I make about 70% of the income I should pay that much and she should pay 30%. We just don’t see eye to eye on this. This seems very unfair, so I am asking you to see what your listeners think of separate bank accounts, and I pay all the bills or a joint bank account?

My opinion on this is you guys should have discussed this before you got married. It sounds like you have been tricked into a 70/30 relationship and somehow your wife has rationalized that this is fair. I don’t think this mindset is going to change, you need to accept that you will be financially taken advantage of. Either accept this and live a happy life with a happy wife in a 70/ or get a divorce. Finances are an important part of a relationship and not agreeing on a budgeting theory can often bring relationships to an end. Comment on today's hot topic inside the Hot 991 app.

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