A One Time Flu Shot Could Become Available Soon
I'm not really big on getting the flu shot every year because like most people I always get sick right after and it hurts. But with new technology and new medicines it makes going to the doctor and yearly check ups a lot easier.
Scientists are always up to something and recently reports have sta…
Get Paid To Watch Movies
How cool would it be to watch movies and get paid while doing so? Sounds like a sweet little gig to me. I’m sure we all would love to work a job that requires a little to no work at all . Well here’s your chance . Disney + is hiring people to sit and watch 30 Disney m…
Uncle Murda Was In The 518
This past Saturday we turnt up with G-unit's very own Uncle Murda at Putnam place. Murda brought the BK vibes up to Saratoga where he performed some of his hits. Murda is known for his yearly wrap ups and songs like “Whoa” , It Hit Different” , …
Who's Hot: Artists, Music and Videos
Every Saturday at midnight its lit with new heat and artists on the Who's Hot podcast with Keisharenee. Playing new music and putting the 518 on to creatives out this way and around the way. If you are an artists or creative and want to be featured on the who's got podcast submit 
Check out new artis…
Revolt Summit 2019 Recap
Revolt Summit 2019 was another great music conference I got to experience. This was the second conference out 3 that Revolt will have this year. The next one will take place next month in LA for another 3 day conference.
This particular summit took place this past week/weekend in Atlanta Georgia righ…
CNYS Black Expo
Upstate New York's African-American owned businesses will have an opportunity to showcase their products and services to the public and procurement.
#FlavainYaEar Kevin Hart Heads To Rehab After Car Accident
Kevin Hart was involved in a fatal car crash over the Labor Day weekend. According to CBSNews, Kevin Hart,40 was in a vehicle with Jared Black,38 and his fiance Rebecca Broxterman. When Harts 1970 Plymouth Barracuda went off Mulholland Highway and rolled down an embankment.
9 TV Shows Worth Binge Watching
If your a busy body like myself then watching TV or catching the newest movie that just dropped is probably the last thing on your mind. Well every now and then when some free time pops up on my schedule I like to binge watch tv series and movies...
Blackout Creative Arts Festival
Celebrate our iteration of Black August, a commemoration of Black resistance movements and the fight for our liberation! Host by; Citizen Action of New York - Capital District Chapter.

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