Winter is coming if we want it to or not , that's just life in upstate NY. Whether you live here or visit during the winter time, then you know it can be really cold, like freezing temperatures during the winter season. According to Current Results the lowest temperature reached in 2018 was -10 degrees, and has reached in the negative 20's before.

Well in case you get stuck in the cold here is a little help on surviving the cold and making sure your winter ready. Here are some tips to ensure your ready for the winter.

1) Layer Up . Wearing just a t-shirt and jeans are not gonna cut it this winter. So make sure to wear layers especially if you walking or working outside this winter. 

2)  Grab some Ice Salt. This is a must have. Not only is it a good use around the house but keep some salt in your car incase you get stuck it will come in handy.

3) Stay inside if you don't have to go anywhere. I wish we had nice weather all year long but that's not the case. So when temperatures drop be sure to have all your needs ahead of time so your don't have to make a trip out in the cold.

4) Start your car up before driving. Make sure you leave some time before leaving the house or work to let your car warm up. This helps the car work its absolute best when giving time to heat up and could save you a trip or two going to the mechanics during the winter.


Morning Commute In New York Hampered After Major Snowstorm
Credit: Spencer Platt /Getty Images


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