I can remember clear as day when The Harry Potter movie hit theaters. It was already a huge success based off the Harry Potter novel. I remember that being one of my first books I read that had over 500 pages to it. Crazy to see how far and successful Harry Potter has come. We literally watched them grow up on screen.
Now I have seen some Harry Potter attractions in the past but according to News 6 the largest Harry Potter store will be in NYC, opening  in summer 2020, the store will house the LARGEST collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products. The store will feature over 20,000 square feet and three expansive floors, giving witches and wizards everything they need to have the ultimate magical experience. How cool is that?!
NYC is only about 3 hours away and you have some time to plan a trip to visit the new Harry Potter store. For more information visit here.

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Universal Studios Hollywood Hosts The Opening Of "The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter" - Inside
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