K. Michelle is always showing out. It’s not a secret she has a mouth on her, ready for WAR! And she doesn’t hold any of that weaponized tongue back either.

Camila Cabello was under fire recently for old Tumblr posts that included some racist language and mentioned the N-word. When Twitter found out, K. Michelle went innnnn and called her a “racist rat,” she said something explicit that Camila should do too. Basically she wasn’t here for the fake apology that Camila came out with. That Tumblr account has been taken down since.

Camila didn’t respond to K. Michelle, but she did issue a public apology and say that “When I was younger I used language that I’m deeply ashamed of and will regret forever, I was uneducated and ignorant and once I became aware of the history and the weight and the true meaning behind this horrible and hurtful language, I was deeply embarrassed I ever used it.” What do you mean when you were younger? This chick is 22—you still young! Come on man, everybody knows in high school and in junior high that the N word is a hurtful and racist term. If you didn’t know then, you don’t know any better now. You just issued an apology because you got caught.

That’s why K. Michelle wasn’t having any of it! It’s always good to see her in action and call out folks on their BS.

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