Albany Zoom Call Hacked By Racist
Last night the Council of Albany Neighborhood Association (CANA) held its monthly Zoom meeting, Unfortunately, white supremacists hijacked the meeting and spewed racist rhetoric for everyone present to see.
UAlbany Racist Graffiti
Officials say that there were racially biased terms written on the doors in the Dutch Quad residential halls.  School authorities have not said what the message read, but they are taking it very seriously.
Black Lives Matter
Hundreds of protesters descended on Bumpy’s Polar Freeze in Schenectady on Sunday amidst allegations of racism and white supremacy.
Should School Change Its Name?
We talked about General Schuyler having the remains of some of his slaves removed from his property. So, no one should be surprised that a school named after him is scheduled to be renamed.
Teen Killed
17-year-old Elijah Al-Amin was allegedly stabbed several times in the back with Michael Paul Adams’ pocket knife
Dad & Son Nazis
A Dad dressed up in a Nazi uniform for Halloween and dressed his kid as a Nazi as well. He was shocked when people made negative comments about the outfit.
Donkey Of The Day
Today's Donkey of the Day for Wednesday, August 15 goes to a Staples manager who wrongly accused mother-to-be Sherell Bates of shoplifting
Netflix Fires PR For Using N-Word [VIDEO]
Shyy lets us know all about it.
Now you remember back in February when artist and comedian Monique, asked for a boycott on Netflix for being racist and biased for not paying her. She thought she deserved for her Netflix special. Now they have recently let go of their 6-year connection chief Jonthan F…
Racial Attack In Troy
In today's racism, a mother and her son were driven off the road and attacked called the n-word and told to leave this country. This wasn't in Alabama in 1948 this happened right here in 2018 in Troy.

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