Netflix Fires PR For Using N-Word [VIDEO]
Shyy lets us know all about it.
Now you remember back in February when artist and comedian Monique, asked for a boycott on Netflix for being racist and biased for not paying her. She thought she deserved for her Netflix special. Now they have recently let go of their 6-year connection chief Jonthan F…
Another Racial Attack In Troy
In today's racism, a mother and her son were driven off the road and attacked called the n-word and told to leave this country. This wasn't in Alabama in 1948 this happened right here in 2018 in Troy.
Racial Bias in NY Prison
Racial Bias in New York prisons comes as no surprise to me. This is nothing new with having racial bias, especially in prisons in New York. We really have quite a long ways to go as far equality. Now, the NY Times didn’t beat around the bush with this piece...
On September 16, Gerod Roth whose profile name is Geris Hilton, publicly posted a captionless selfie to Facebook with a small black child behind him..
The post would sadly go viral after attracting many racially charged comments by Hilton’s friends...
Obama Uses The N Word
President Barack Obama is set to appear on an upcoming episode of Marc Maron's WTF podcast. The President took on the biggest story in the news for the past couple of decades.... Racism. The episode is set to premiere today. Maron announced his big guest last Friday in the episode he announce…
Dylan Roof Caught
The manhunt for the Charleston shooting suspect is now over.
Dylan Storm Roof who ran into Emanuel AME Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina while attending a bible study at the church and killed nine has been captured.
According to CNN, the 21-year-old was taken into custody in North Carolin…
Duke Professor
A North Carolina professor said over the weekend that he was suspended after he was caught writing in the New York Times comment section that there was a link between the Baltimore riots and “strange” names that black people had instead of having traditional white names.
Town Officials Quit
In today's racism.... Most of the police force and several officials resigned after the small town of Parma, Missouri elected its first African American woman as mayor, reported STL Today
I think it’s pretty dirty they all quit without giving her a chance,”…

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