Right now it seems like some things will never change.  It’s 2020 and racial tensions are still very high in this country.  Election Day is over and we still don’t know the final outcome, but whoever sits in the Oval Office has a lot of work to do to heal this nation.

I remember hearing my parents talk about the racial climate in the country back when they were growing up.  It doesn’t seem very different from the racism we see today.   As an example, just yesterday the University of Albany had an incident of a residential hall being vandalized with a racist message.

Officials say that there were racially biased terms written on the doors in the Dutch Quad residential halls.  School authorities have not said what the message read, but they are taking it very seriously.

According to informyny Havidan Rodriguez, who is the university president, says that the school will not tolerate racial bias.  He said, “Harassment has no place on our campus. We take these reports seriously and we will investigate thoroughly.  We cannot lose sight of our values: diversity, equity and inclusion.  They anchor us and drive us to be better.  As #OneUAlbany let’s stay together upholding our values.“

School authorities are asking for more information. They are asking that anyone with information about this incident contact the University Police Department at (518) 442-3131.

In my opinion, someone taking the time to write a racist message on a door is an inexcusable and cowardly act.  If you feel that much hate and contempt for someone else, the problem may very well be hate for yourself.

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