The recent rise in anti-Semitism and ethnic hate speech has reared its ugly head in Albany. UAlbany Police are looking for a man believed to have plastered Nazi propaganda across the school’s campus.

Posters were placed in prominent public areas across campus with the phrase “Blood and Soil,” which is a nationalist slogan created by German fascists in the late 1800s. The Nazi Party fully adopted the phrase to represent their campaign for ethnic purity that ended in the murder of tens of millions.

From Headlines To Campus

The phrase had a resurgence in the US after it was chanted at the Charlottesville, Virginia white supremacist rally of 2017, and is common branding in hate groups. According CollegeSimply, more than half of UAlbany’s entire student population is non-white.

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Antisemitism has been making global headlines this month, due to hip-hop artist Kanye West’s recent rants in interviews and on social media. West has been barred from Twitter, dropped by music festivals and promoters, and lost a contract with Adidas over his comments against Jews.

Have You Seen This Man?

The University put out a statement condemning hate speech and the racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric of the posters. School policy prohibits anyone from posting unauthorized material, hate speech or otherwise, on the UAlbany campus, and administrators are attempting to find the persons responsible.

UAlbany Police released an image of an individual they believe was responsible on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Law enforcement suspects this person might also be responsible for additional and similar incidents on other SUNY campuses. Anyone with information is asked to contact Campus Police at 518-442-3131.

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