A Whitehall man appeared in court today and pleaded guilty to illegally possessing firearms.

According to Times Union, Acting United States Attorney Antionette Bacon announced today that 24-year old Shane Robert Smith, of Whitehall, pleaded guilty in US court for unlawfully possessing two short barrel rifles and unlawfully possessing hundreds of rounds of ammunition.
The possession of these firearms is significant because Smith is a convicted felon, and it is illegal for him to have any type of firearms in his possession.

Shane Smith has a sordid criminal history. He allegedly planned to create a “hit squad” to kill Black people and Jewish people at one point in his life.

In 2016 he was convicted of possessing a machine gun and violating federal laws because he was already a convicted felon at that point.

In 2018 he was released on a three-year term of parole, but in January of 2020 parole officials made an unannounced visit to the home where they discovered some disturbing material.

Smith had militia flags, combat field guides, and notes on reloading ammunition. All these items are in alignment with paraphernalia used by white supremacists.

Mr. Smith allegedly said his interests are, “Guns, gunsmithing, building bombs, knives, gorilla warfare, preserving my race and folks, and destroying the government. I love violence.” He wants to build a “Silent Resistance Army” and obtain bullets that could pierce body armor.

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Because of these reasons Smith has allegedly been classified by law enforcement as a white supremacist.

Shane Smith is scheduled to appear in court on August 27, 2021. He faces up to 20 years in prison and fines of up to $260,000.

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