Imagine going to work and finding out that one of your coworkers has done something disgustingly racist. That is what happened in Saratoga County, and the person responsible has been arrested.

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According to the New York State Police in Saratoga County, a construction worker was arrested for constructing a racist symbol while at work.

According to WKTV, Approximately two months ago, construction workers found a handmade noose at the construction site, and the noose was left there by an employee at the site.

New York State Police in Princeton in Saratoga County arrested 53-year old Thomas L. McDermott on Thursday. Officers investigated the incident for two months before they arrested McDermott and charged him with first-degree Aggravated Harassment which is a class E Felony offense.

Officers say that an employee at the construction site found the handmade noose at the site. Officers say that McDermott allegedly used construction material and shaped it to appear to be a person of color. McDermott then used twine from the site to make a noose and hung the figure with the noose.

Officers released the following statement: “The incident was reported by an employee at the construction site and immediately reported to state police by an on-site supervisor. McDermott is accused of using construction materials to assemble a small figure resembling a person of color, which he then hung with a noose made of twine.”

McDermott turned himself in at the Princeton substation, where he was given an appearance ticket. He is scheduled to appear in Rotterdam Town Court on June 14.

Not only were McDermott’s actions stupid, they were also cowardly. A 53-year-old man risked his freedom and his livelihood to make some sort of racial statement, but he did not have the courage to make his racist statement like a man.

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