Have you ever thought about how police officers think and speak while they are around their peers? Recently an Albany Police Officer was caught on video saying some outrageous things to an Albany County Sheriff's Deputy that led to the officer’s suspension.

According to News 6, the video was captured on November 1, on the body camera of the sheriff's deputy. The footage captures Officer David Haupt, a four-year veteran, making inappropriate comments that were flagged for violating the department’s professionalism standards. Officer Haupt has been suspended for 30 days.

We don’t know exactly what the police officer said, but it has been reported that what he said was racially charged. Albany Police Chief, Eric Hawkins, was appalled by what he saw on the video, and he denounces it. Police Chief Hawkins said, “ The comments made in the video are appalling, but I want to assure our community that they in no way reflect those of the overwhelming majority of police officers at the Albany Police Department .”

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan also commented on the video. She said, “Today I watched a video of an on-duty conversation between an Albany Police Officer and an Albany County Sheriff’s Deputy that was appalling and deeply disturbing. I commend Chief Hawkins for acting swiftly.”

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple says that his department is reviewing the incident and that they will have a conversation with the deputy that was involved.

The District Attorney’s Office says that they are reviewing all of the incidents that Officer Haupt was involved in.

The whole encounter has to be extremely disturbing for Chief Hawkins since he is a black man. We can only imagine what the officers think and say about their boss behind his back. This scandal definitely shines a negative light on law-enforcement!

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