A police reform meeting in Glens Falls was disrupted by a group of racists, who used the meeting as an opportunity to display their racist attitudes.

Police departments throughout the nation have been working on implementing reforms after the unfortunate death of George Floyd last year. Last night, members of the Glens Falls community were holding a meeting on police reform when their Zoom meeting was hijacked by a group of racists.

According to Post Star, the Zoom meeting had just begun when unidentified individuals unmuted their microphones and began using the N-word. As soon as one racist was kicked out of the meeting, more entered causing disruption.

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They imitated mock police calls describing an imaginary suspect as the N-word. In addition to the racist words they used, they made vulgar suggestions on how police should treat African-Americans.

The attack on the meeting was so embarrassing for the city that they ended the meeting abruptly.

Jim Clark, the city’s Fifth Ward Councilman, is the head of the police reform committee. He says that the meeting was intended to give members of the community an opportunity to weigh in on police reform policies. Mr. Clark said, “It’s disgusting and appalling. I’m so embarrassed, it’s ridiculous. We’re trying to do something good here and it’s just – it’s shameful.“

I agree that the behavior last night was embarrassing and disgusting, but I also have another take on it, I think it’s cowardice. The individuals who hid behind their computer screens making racist remarks showed absolute cowardly behavior. I doubt very seriously that one racist remark would have been made at an in-person meeting.

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