Police in Saratoga are trying to figure out why someone would topple a statue in Congress Park dedicated to Union Soldiers according to the NY Times.

A statue was erected more than 145 years ago to honor soldiers in the 77th New York Volunteers who fought for the Union and who died in the Civil War. The statue was in a public park in Saratoga Springs, New York. Some historians believe the statue's face depicts a soldier from a local regimen, but Civil War historians say that the specific identity of the soldier is really unknown.

The statue has stood in the park since 1875, but one-night last week, vandals destroyed the monument, breaking it into pieces. James D. Parillo, Saratoga Springs History Museum Executive, says that the statue was one of many erected to honor Union Soldiers.

Officers from the Saratoga Police Department are investigating the incident. Officers advised that they are reviewing countless hours of surveillance video that shows the area of the incident as well as trying to find DNA on the remnants of the statue.

Saratoga Springs Commissioner of Public Safety Robin Dalton, says, “We take this matter extremely seriously. We won’t tolerate it. And when we find the individuals responsible we will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.“

Authorities are not sure why the statue was destroyed, but members of the community are very upset about it and are trying to find out who is responsible. Saratoga Public Safety Commissioner, Robin Dalton posted on Facebook that two separate groups are offering rewards to find out who is responsible for causing the destruction of the statue. One reward is worth $2000 and the other is connected to a go fund me page with a goal of $10,000. Dalton says that the Go Fund Me page.

I'm willing to bet that this statue was taken down by someone who is butt hurt that Confederate statues are being taken down. One trip to a basic, US history class will enlighten you that these two groups of soldiers are not the same. One group traded and then attacked the United States, hopefully, whoever committed this crime will be brought to justice.

The link for the Go Fund Me page is https://gf.me/u/ygyryr

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