We’ve talked about General Philip Schuyler several times over the past week or so. We talked about General Schuyler’s monument being taken down and preserved. We talked about General Schuyler having the remains of some of his slaves removed from his property. So, no one should be surprised that a school named after him is scheduled to be renamed.

It’s been happening all over the country, monuments and buildings honoring Confederate soldiers and slave owners are being removed or renamed. General Philip Schuyler meets all of the criteria, so we know that his monuments will be removed and just about anything named after him will need to be renamed

The Philip J. Schuyler Academy in Albany is up next for scrutiny. The School Naming Policy Committee will be meeting soon to evaluate and determine whether the name should be changed. Board President Anne Savage says that confronting history can only move the district forward. She said, “No school should honor the memory of a person who was an enslaver.“ She also said “this has been a discussion in our district for many years, and now is the time for us to act.“

The committee is looking forward to making policies that would move into the 2021 school year developing a curriculum to include social justice.

Conversation for the school name change will officially start taking place on June 29 at the next meeting. The board is asking for the public’s input and anyone who wishes to have input should contact the board by June 24.

It’s extremely important for students to feel comfortable, respected, and appreciated to do their best in school. I’m will be so glad that students will no longer have to attend a school that was named after a slave master.

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