New York Attorney General Letitia James is making a name for herself nationally as she oversees some high-profile legal cases involving powerful political officials. Ms. James is overseeing criminal cases for both former President Donald Trump and Governor Andrew Cuomo. On Friday she made another newsworthy announcement, she is proposing standards that would limit a police officer's ability to use deadly force.

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On Friday Attorney General Letitia James made a proposal that protesters have been asking for quite some time, a limit on when police officers can use deadly force against unarmed civilians.

We’ve all seen the worldwide protests against police brutality after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year. Now Ms. James is proposing a new law that would put limits on when police officers can use deadly force.

The proposal does not say that deadly force could never be used, if an officer feels that a suspect is putting others into grave danger, they must continue to protect themselves and others. The officer must “reasonably believe“ that someone is about to use deadly force.

Accoding to Uticaod on Friday, Ms. James said that her goal is to make sure that life is preserved. She said, “The main goal is to preserve lives by making sure that under the law, lethal force is the last resort. And while there are legitimate reasons why officers have some special protections, those protections should not preclude them from being held accountable when they needlessly take the life of another or unnecessarily use excessive amounts of force.“

It’s sad that all these new laws have to be on the books before police officers realize that they should not kill the people they swore to protect and serve.

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