Blurry lines between a bitter baby mama or concerned mother can sometimes be looked at as overstepped when involving a child. Some mothers feel they have a say so in which they can dictate who, or what their child is around. When interfering into the father's relationship with his new girlfriend or wife some mothers agree there are guidelines and discussions that should be put into place.

Summer Walker and Cyntoia Brown maybe dealing with a "bitter babymama."

Summer Walker is dating hot producer London on Da Track. The Atlanta producer shares a daugther with ex girlfriend Eboni Ivorii. Recently she put out a series of instagram post coming for the singer.

“I told your weird a** to stay away from my daughter," Ebonii post


Reported from Complex, this is all stemming from a birthday party London through for his daugther that Summer Walker attended. Yes all over a birthday party invitation, that she ( Ebonii ) did not pay for or attend. Sources tells Hot97, Summer has tries to meet with Ebonii women to women but have not been successful. Instead they continue to take shots at each other on social media.

"I been wanting to take you to dinner cause I have NO issue with you. Like I've literally done NOTHING to you." Summer writes on her ig story.

Stacy Kirkland, the mother of Cyntoia Browns husband 11 year old son. Has filed a restraining order to keep the child away from Brown. Reported from Bossip, a Texas Judge recently granted that motion, ordering Brown to stay 500 feet away from her husband Jaime Long’s 11-year-old son.  According to court documents obtain by Bossip, Kirkland is concern about her sons safety after learning about Cyntoia past conviction of murder and human trafficking. Fear Jaime would not take the proper precautions to keep their child safe.

"Jaime’s recent ... committed relationship with a woman convicted of first-degree murder, I am extremely fearful," says Kirkland.



After divorce the two parties agreed under parenting plan, one parent would inform the other if they “intended to marry or live with someone else." VIBE reports Kirkland learned Long had remarried through a third party, which led her to the courts. The fact Jaime never responded to the motion puts him into default. Long now reportedly has supervised visits with his son and cannot have him around Cyntoia, via madamenoire.

Long has also ordered to not try to hide the son or take him out of school in the state of Texas, he is not allowed to speak about the case in front of his son. Long’s child support also increased to $527 a month. Long currently resides in Tennessee with Brown while their son lives in Texas with the mother.

In the case of Summer Walker, I believe she's dealing with a "bitter" baby mama. Ebonii's beef is with her child's father, not the girlfriend. I do feel maybe London should have made it known his girlfriend would be at the party out of respect. Without a doubt a mother should know who's around her child and the environment they're in.

I'm somewhat in the middle with Cyntoia Brown situation. The fact Long and his ex wife did have an allege agreement that he did not follow does give her the right take some action. Cyntoias convictions are facts and the ideal of your child around a convicted murder, possible shouldnt sit well with any parent. Yet on the other hand we know know Cyntoias story, and most of humans understand her story. As a women Kirkland should be more understanding and simplify with Browns past life. A former teenage child sex trafficking victim who served 15 years in prison for murder, turns her life to God, and earned two college degrees while behind bars. Everyone has a past, it's what you do to change it.

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