Say it aint so, North Carolina rapper DaBaby was put on blast yesterday by his long time, on again, off again girlfriend Meme, who he has two children with. She posted claims on her Instagram that the rapper allegedly got another woman pregnant and is now having another baby on the way.

Even though the claims were denied at first, he has since come forth and admitted that the allegations are true but insists that he and Meme were not together at the time. Here in New York, family and children court states that paternity is determined by DNA test results. If the father signs the child’s birth certificate and does not have doubt of paternity then the DNA is not needed.
Sounds to me like Da Baby, got set up. Fellas we have to make better decisions especially if you are sitting on a bunch of money like Da Baby, he is a target for women trying to come up.

If there is question regarding paternity, the test results will make that determination. If you or someone you know has questions regarding paternity of a child or their parental rights. Get the advice you deserve at Albany County Family Court, located at 30 Clinton Ave.

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