Love is Love. When you happy and enjoying life with the one your with, I guess it becomes official when you share a pic of you both together on the Gram or on Facebook. A lot of couples take this serious, whereas some just like to live a private life. Well ya boy Future wasted no time in sharing his love with new boo Lori Harvey on vacation in Jamaica.

The rapper who has fathered children with 6 different woman posted to his Instagram that “Life is Good.” Dude is trying to create a legacy if you ask me. Big pimpin', he's running through women like a hot knife through butter. He’s clearly not meant to settle down, and Lori is young at 22 and has so much to learn about life and relationships. A dude with his history shouldn’t even be on her radar, but like mother like daughter… the men change once as the benefits change….yeah I said it.

Who sees this lasting long? I don’t. Lori just finished dating Diddy & his son!! At least that’s what folks are saying…I can understand being young and wanting to live life, but watch your REPUTATION.

Just enjoy the one your with for the time being, but don’t put any expectations on it. I just can’t see myself showing off with different women every month, every quarter or every year on social media. It’s only a good look for a certain type of a man.


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