New Year - New Laws, Reported from news13, good news for the every day workers. Minimum wages has increased from $11.10 to $11.80 an hour. Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk counties wages rise to $13 an hour and New York City is now $15.

New bail laws for non-violated and misdemeanor offenders don't have to post bail and can't be held in jail before their trial. This also includes non-violent felony charges such as; stalking, assault without serious injury, drug offenses, arson, and people charged with felony second-degree robbery or burglary. Some law enforcement thinks the new law puts the city at risk.

For example according to NewYorkPost, a 30 year old woman, Harris allegedly slapped three Jewish women in Crown Heights on Friday, was released without bail on Saturday, to only allegedly slap another woman the following sunday.

“It’s living proof, as the law is just unfolding, of how bad it can be,” said state Sen. John Flanagan (R-Suffolk), the chamber’s minority leader.

Under the new law over 400 offenders will be allow to walk free, with no reinsurance they would return to court.

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