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Is the Best Buy at Crossgates Closed for Good?
So, what's going on with the Crossgates Best Buy?  Anyone?
I haven't driven by Crossgates yet to check it out.  I initially read a headline by the Times Union made it dramatically sound like Best Buy is closed for good.  And look, who knows- with all the events of 2020 and ec…
10 Places You’re Most likely To Catch Coronavirus
Coronavirus cases are spiking all across the U.S. Even here in the Cap City theres been a slight spike in cases. People can't seem to follow simple social distance guidelines or wear masks while in public. Heres a list of 10 places you're most likely to catch Covid-19.
Black Lives Matter Rally In Fort Edward
This Sunday July 19th there will be a Black Lives Matter March and Educational Rally to honor George Floyd. The event will take place in Fort Edward NY from 1-5pm.
The Black Lives Matter movement has become one of the largest movements in U...
‘Albany I Spy’ Returns
If you're looking for some safe family fun and adventure, look no further. The popular and (socially distanced) photo scavenger hunt, Albany I Spy, is back.
Troy Teen Arrested For Allegedly Violent Carjacking
Do you know where your teenager is? Its summertime and with all that's going on in the community, we should be trying to keep our kids out of the streets. If a teen has no guidance, self-worth or stable home life, they can easily travel down the wrong path and become a detriment to society and …

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