The company is placing the blame on Boeing's airplane production issues on why they've had to cut back on flights. 

If you like to travel like I do you know that Southwest is one of the most affordable options. Here in Upstate New York we are very lucky that we get a lot of Southwest flights to various destinations but has our time with this airline come to an end?

Yesterday they announced that they'd be pulling flights from four airports that usually service Southwest. One of them happens to be here in Upstate New York.

As of August 4th you'll no longer be able to get on a Southwest flight from Hancock International Airport in Syracuse, NY.

Why Did They Do This?

According to Southwest is has to do with the ongoing issues with Boeing and their production. reports that Southwest operates on an all Boeing 737 fleet and since Boeing stopped production it has hurt them and has resulted in them needing to cut back.

In addition to cutting down on four airports (Syracuse, Bellingham International Airport in Washington, George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston and Cozumel International Airport) they've also halted on hiring as well.

Southwest Airlines Experiences Major Flight Cancellations Across U.S.
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What Does This Mean For Albany?

I don't think there will be any sort of disruptions in service but what you can expect is more people from outside the area coming here for flights as opposed to Syracuse. If you thought those early flights to Baltimore and Chicago were busy now, just you wait until after August hits.

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