Remember the Catskill Game Farm? Of course you do! The first privately owned zoo in America opened in 1933. In it's 7 decades of welcoming guests from around the world, the family-owned petting zoo became the largest in the Nation. This zoo as we knew it closed in 2006 but now you have the chance to buy the property.

The former petting zoo property at 400 Game Farm Road in Catskill, New York still offers a glimpse into what was America's premiere zoo and, if you have a few million dollars, the place could be yours.

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The Catskill Game Farm is currently listed by Jeanne Rakowski, Fred Waring and Jason Karadus for Corcoran Country Living with an asking price of $3.6 million. This historic property spreads out over nearly 200 acres and offers more than a glimpse of what our childhood memories can picture.

Zillow indicates that this property had a pending sale in November of 2023. That listing was removed in January of 2024 and relisted April 6, 2024. Scroll through the pictures to see old signs, buildings and the Giraffe House.

The Catskill Game Farm once was home to more than 2000 animals and 150 species! Giraffes, Rhinos, Pygmy Hippos and more walked these grounds. Today it's known as The Old Game Farm and you can stay on the abandoned property and explore what remains.

Lets see what the place looks like today and what you will get for your $3.6 million!

Explore the Old Catskill Game Farm in New York

Let's see what the Catskill Game Farm looks like in 2024. If you want to buy the place, contact agent Jeanne Rakowski at Corcoran Country Living.

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