Summer is almost here and that means we can soon head back to Six Flags Great Escape!

If you're from the Capital Region you probably spent a decent amount of your childhood at The Great Escape. Some of you may remember it as Storytown from way back in the day, but it is a piece of our area history that we cannot wait to explore each summer.

As a season pass holder I got an email today that let me know that opening day is only about a month away. They will officially open the doors for their 70th anniversary on May 18, 2024. 

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Personally my favorite ride will always be the Desperado Plunge. I am sure some of you live for riding The Comet, but it looks like they're been making some improvements to the park, too.

The Bobcat will be a nice addition to the park this year. One thing that is certain is that you can never have enough rides.

The only thing I hope for this year as a dedicated park-goer is that they have everything open all at once. Sometimes my kids and I would go and there would be certain rides (popular ones) not even open on a busy day.

Here's hoping they'll make more available for the 2024 season.

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