If Lyft wasnt already one of the best things since slice bread - their new offer to customers would definitely claim just that. The rideshare company has announced that they would be giving riders free or discounted rides to job interviews during the first three weeks of employment, reported from CNN. Launching the "Job Access Program", Lyft hope to close the transportation gap in low-income communities, Lyft said in a statement. Teaming up with multiply organizations nationally and locally including the National Down Syndrome Society and United Way, offering the program in over 35 markets in the US and Canada. According to Lyft blog, 44% of the company's rides start or end in low-income areas and they are aiming to close that gap. By free rides to and from job training programs, job interviews and the first three weeks of employment, says News10LV. After the 3 weeks, riders should be able to pay for their own transportation with their first pay check. Those that has jobs know it may take a extra 2-3 weeks to receive a pay check, specialty if being hired in the middle of the pay week - which can be stressful. Reported from Lyft, their passengers saved 178 million hours compared to other transportations. In May, The rideshare company announced a $50M annual commitment to improve cities through transportation infrastructure, donated transportation, and sustainability initiatives.
As a Lyft Rider I'm personally grateful for the Job Access program. I know how stressful it can be to get to interviews or training on time. There's been times where I had to turn down or reschedule interview due to transportation purposes. Even if you do have money - there is a real life situation of - "If spend money on this how would I be able to eat or how would I be able to even get back home?" Is very heartfelt that Lyft understand the everyday struggle of the low-income community and want to help to give back.

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