Job Fair October 2 (Latham Ny)
There's never an excuse to not be great. If you have not gotten your dream job yet or still tryna to figure out what career path you are looking to take on, well Oct. 2 there will be another job fair happening right here in the 518.
The fair will take place at the Hoilday Inn Express in Latham f…
New job Alert
Looking for employment in the 518, good pay and great benefits check this job out. There is a customer Service job fair happening this Tuesday from 1-3pm at Accustaff. On the spot interviews. Pay starting at $14.50 an hour and with a flexible work schedule...
Amazon Scam Alert
It's the holiday season and everywhere we look there's another scam to be aware of. This one has to do with Amazon. Here's what to look for so you don't fall for it.
Amazon Hiring Work From Home Employees
This may be your dream job. Stay at home and get paid from a major online company. Here's what you need to know about working for Amazon from home, plus all the perks that come with it.
Hundreds Of Layoffs In Schenectady
A couple of hundred workers are receiving their pink slips in Schenectady. But there is a silver lining. There are a few companies that are going to try and hire those workers.
KeishaRenee Jobs: Healthcare Assistant
Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood in Albany is hiring and looking for full-time medical assistants.This position assists UHPP in the delivery of quality health care by performing non-medical functions which enable the agency to provide efficient, sensitive, quality medical services to clients and othe…
KeishaRenee Jobs: Mail Distribution Worker
Albany Medical Center is hiring and looking for full time workers that would be able to but not limited to overseeing all deliveries; maintains organization of dock and delivery area; coordinates with Accounting Clerk to maintain mail room operation; assists with data entry...
KeishaRenee Jobs
CARES agency is hiring and looking for full-time candidates. CARES collaborates with and supports the community to create a system of care to prevent and end homelessness. They do this through:

Planning & Technical assistance for partner organizations
Providing housing for people living with HIV/A…
KeishaRenee Jobs
The Civil Service building in Albany is hiring and looking for candidates that are interested full time, clerical and office aide work. Monday to Friday work week. Job duties are but limited to: Providing administrative/secretarial support for the Director’s Office of the Employee Benefits Division …
Whole Foods Colonie Center Location Will Bring 200 Jobs
Organic and specialty supermarket replaces wrenches and tires as Whole Foods Albany continues construction on their Colonie Center location, right where Sears once sat. While Whole Foods hasn't set an official start date, they are hoping to open late Spring. Oh, they are looking to fill 200 pos…
What Are the Best and Worst Jobs in 2012?
Economists say we are on the road to recovery from the recession and certain indicators of financial health are on the rise, like fewer unemployment claims and wage growth. New jobs are also on the rise, but the climb is slow and, according to a new report, not all job opportunities are good ones.