Instagram is one of many social apps that are in use 24/7. Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram are all social media apps that allow you to interact with people from all over the world. Most features allow you to like , dislike, comment and repost from other people stories or timelines. Social media apps have become a huge influence in the world today as people are allowed to pretty much post whatever it is they want to post (of course under guidelines that don't abuse the apps community) but for the most part you can post everything, and I mean everything! There is probably not much you have not seen on social media these days.

Well in recent news there had been talks about the social app Instagram hiding there likes soon. They have already tested the disappearance of the like counts in other countries and the US is next to do so. No biggie it's only likes right ? Wrong there are a lot of people who make money off of there likes and views so if you can't see someone's likes then for business's looking for ambassador's  it would be hard to say if that person would benefit their brand or not. The only people who can see your likes would be the account holder. According to Instagram's CEO Adam Mosseri they would rather have people focus on the content and connecting with people verses making the app a competition in likes.

I see where the app is trying to make a difference because it has become a popularity contest however I disagree in a way as well because there are a lot of people who make money off their likeness on social media so It could hurt there source of income when it comes to making money.

Do you agree with Instagram in hiding likes? or Do you think Instagram is doing to much?

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