IG Live Kiana Lede
Kiana Lede checked in with me this afternoon. We are all in the house so it's only appropriate to check in with the hottest artist in the game.
Top Instagram Influencers
Now with social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, and Twitter, you can watch the every day life your favorite celebrities becoming closer than ever.
Instagram Will No Longer Show Likes
Instagram is one of many social apps that are in use 24/7. Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram are all social media apps that allow you to interact with people from all over the world. Most features allow you to like , unlike, comment and repost from other people stories or timelines...
Free Reese’s And 10 Grand? Yes Please!
Reese's has come up with a brand new candy bar and to help promote it, they want to find the biggest fan who loves their brand. Express your love for Reese's, win all the candy and ten grand. Here's how.
Fan Photos From #SPRINGBREAK2017
Last night Hot 991 had Schenectady on fire! Last night we welcomed #SpringBreak2017, Hip Hop and R&B's beast at Proctors. For this year's Spring Break Concert, featured August Alsina, PNB Rock, and A-Boogie. This line up was definitely for the ladies and the ladies came out and sho…
Top 10 Artist To Follow On Social Media
I find myself using twitter alot more than Instagram these days(@radiogodess ).
And,I've found some artist tweets to be more than just promotions some actually inspire and make my day. I figured you all probably have your favorite artist you like to follow whether on Twitter or Instagram.L…
Myzelle Chantel Armstrong, 19, never thought that a spat on Instagram would lead to her being sentenced to 40 years.
Lil Boosie Isn't Happy
If you missed the Lil Boosie welcome home video from his daughter that cause a big uproar on the internet check it out here. A lot of people thought it was inappropriate for his young daughter to use that language in a video.
Apparently Lil Boosie felt the same way
“I was too happy to fuss,&Clo…
Welcome Home Boosie
Recently released from prison after 5 years Lil Boosie's fans and family were happy to hear he was coming home Apparently so was his 5 year old daughter who is on his instagram qouting " I Told yall N*ggas he is coming home." After this video was posted many people had critici…
RiRi's Hottest IG Pics
Rihanna is one of the sexiest women on the planet. From her long legs -- they've been insured for $1 million -- to her slim frame, which gives her the ability to wear practically anything (or nothing), it's no surprise that the Bajan beauty can easily land a magazine cover or top those &am…
Social Media Guide for Food Truck Festival
If you're going to be at our first ever Food Truck Festival happening this Saturday (5/4) in Troy, NY, we want you to Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, flickr, and more with us! Here's a complete guide for the fest including our hashtag for the day and the Twitter handles for a bunch of the tr…
Filter The World Around You With Instagram ‘Instaglasses’
Instagram is the latest social-media based obsession. The nifty filters can even make a photo of your breakfast look like a work of art. With today being “National Sunglasses Day”, what if you could filter everything in the world around you? That’s designe…