Facebook, Instagram and all other Meta outlets suffered a global outage on Tuesday, but what caused it?

Facebook Down? You Aren't Alone

Facebook,Instagram And WhatsApp Experience Global Outage
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If you were mindlessly scrolling Facebook around 10:30 Tuesday morning, you were among the millions of users who were promptly logged out without explanation. When people attempted to log back in, they were met with a myriad of error messages - including "incorrect password."

When that happened to me, I thought I had been hacked. But then all attempts to recover my account directed me to a blank screen and that signaled that something was possibly very wrong in Meta Land.

Down Detector is being flooded by thousands of commentators about being kicked out of their accounts and unable to log back in.

Angry social media users shared similar experiences to mine, where they received messages that their session expired and their passwords were incorrect. Reports were pouring in from across the globe, including countries like Vietnam, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Zambia France, Canada, Mexico and many more.

It appears the Meta outage is affecting North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

As of 11:00 AM on Tuesday, Down Detector has logged over a 590,000 outage reports for Facebook alone. Down Detector reports Instagram received about 75,000 outage alerts.

Meta's website says several functions like their business tools and developer platform are still coming up as "unknown" as their statuses.

Word from Meta about the Outage

Mark Zuckerberg Extends Block On President Trump’s Facebook, Instagram Accounts ‘Indefinitely’
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After a few hours, Facebook and other Meta services have returned online.


Meta nor CEO Mark Zuckerberg have issued a statement via the Meta Newsroom about what caused apps like Facebook, Threads, and Instagram to bite the dust.

This report will be updated should new information become available.

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