One New York couple is spotlighting some of the old homes in the Hudson Valley on a new TV series. Airing on HGTV Sunday nights at 9, "Small Town Potential" takes you through the renovation process of these once grand houses of New York.

Not only does the show celebrate the Hudson Valley but it's hosts, Kristin Leitheuser and Davina Thomasula were born in and live in New York as well. Here's what you can expect to see this season, which debuted Sunday March 3rd.

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According to HGTV, local Hudson Valley real estate agent Davina Thomasula works with builder Kristin Leitheuser to transform the area's affordable houses into beautiful homes that fulfill their clients' lifestyle dreams.

Thomasula and Leitheuser will help families find the perfect upstate New York house to renovate and call home. The Small Town Potential season will consist of 8 episodes in all.

The Hudson Valley is full of unique and beautiful towns nestled along the Hudson River, So many people are moving here, because each town has a lot to offer and so much potential. I'm a real estate agent and designer who finds these upstate newcomers just the house they're looking for. - Davina Thomasula

The first episode is based in the New York towns of Marlboro and Kingston but we are certain to see much more in the coming weeks.

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