This adorable little town could be the new popular destination spot in the Hudson Valley.

It seems like the Hudson Valley has become one of the most popular places to check out. Whether it's on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook it seems like everyone is posting videos about spending a weekend in an adorable Hudson Valley town.

Another lovely Hudson Valley town has gone viral for being a great spot to spend a weekend at.

What Hudson Valley town is getting a lot of attention online?

The spot is's a hamlet of Shandaken in Ulster County. Heard of it before?Phoenicia is known for its fertile hunting and fishing and many people go camping in the area during the summertime. Not only is it a cool spot, but it's also in a good location to get to other places, Phoenicia is about 20 minutes from Belleayre Mountain and 20 minutes to Hunter Mountain.

The individual who posted the video talked all about a weekend away in Phoenicia and all the cool adventures they went on like:

That's a lot of cool spots to cover in just one weekend. Many people seem to be spending time in the Hudson Valley and a lot of times when a town like this goes viral it becomes even more popular.

Maybe we need to start a list of small towns that will be invaded soon, we can add this town to the list.

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