Some of New Yorkers' favorite fruits and vegetables carry unhealthy levels of chemicals which can lead to serious health issues.

A new report discovered that some fruits and vegetables have an unhealthy amount of pesticides in high doses.

Unhealthy Levels Of Chemicals Found In Fruits & Vegetables Sold In New York

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"Fruits and vegetables are supposed to be healthy, but our recent analysis found that 20% of the ones we looked at contained pesticides that pose significant health risks," Consumer Reports wrote on Instagram.

Consumer Reports says it reviewed nearly 10 years of data from the Department of Agriculture, looking into the most popular fruits and vegetables, including frozen, canned and dried.

"Some of our favorite fruits and vegetables carry unhealthy levels of chemicals," Consumer Reports states. "Our new results continue to raise red flags."

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Red Flags Raised In Popular Fruits & Vegetables


In total, 59 common fruits and vegetables were analyzed. Dangerous pesticides were found in 20 percent of the foods examined including bell peppers, blueberries, green beans, potatoes, and strawberries.

A pesticide that hasn't been allowed to be used on vegetables in the United States in over 10 years was found on green beans, officials say.

"Imported produce, especially some from Mexico, was particularly likely to carry risky levels of pesticide residues," the report states.

Eat These Items In Moderation

It is recommended you eat watermelon, green beans, bell peppers, blueberries, kale, mustard greens, imported celery, imported collard greens, and potatoes in moderation.

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Experts warn everyone should watch out for these items, especially children and people who are pregnant.

"Children and pregnant people should consume no more than a serving a day for those rated high risk, and no more than half a serving per day for those deemed very high risk. Everyone else should limit consumption of those foods, too," Consumer Reports stated on Instagram.



Pesticides Linked To Cancer, Diabetes, More


According to Consumer Reports, "dangerous classes of pesticides" found in the six fruits and vegetables "are linked to cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease."

Consumer Reports wants the EPA to ban these "dangerous classes of pesticides."

"The vast majority of produce is already grown without hazardous pesticides, and your family should be able to safely eat produce without the threat of these health-damaging chemicals," CR adds.

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It's still recommended that you eat fruits and vegetables regularly, just be careful what you eat, and reduce eating the six listed here.

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