There’s no shortage of cheating allegations in the history of sports, but we couldn’t have seen this one coming even if we tried. 

From the 1919 World Series, to Lance Armstrong, to “Deflategate,” cheating controversies have always been prevalent in the athletic universe. But it’s hard to believe that an innocent competition during the NCAA tournament could turn so scandalous. 

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The Dark Side Of SUNY’s Mascot Madness

Every year, SUNY colleges throughout New York State pit their schools’ various mascots against each other in a tournament-style bracket. Students and fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite mascot online, with each round given a specific amount of time to cast a ballot.

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For the last two years, Wolfie Seawolf from Stony Brook University was crowned the winner of Mascot Madness, receiving the title of “SUNY's Mascot Ambassador.” However, Wolfie’s chance at a historic three-peat was abruptly cut short this year, after the popular furry friend found himself at the center of some suspicious circumstances. 

Stony Brook Mascot Kicked Out Of Competition

Say it ain’t so, Wolfie!

After advancing in the competition, Wolfie was set to take on Oakie Acorn from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in the Elite 8. But soon, some eyebrow-raising events would transpire. 

Before the round’s voting was set to end, both Stony Brook and SUNY announced on social media that Wolfie Seawolf would be withdrawing from the 2024 Mascot Madness Competition, eliminating Wolfie’s chance at a third-straight win. 

What Happened To Wolfie The Seawolf?

According to the Times Union, Stony Brook University alleged in an Instagram story that “one or more” of their students admitted to stuffing the online ballot box with an excessive number of votes for their beloved mascot (we’re not sure how, considering participants are only allowed to cast one vote every 12 hours– but then again, college kids are smart). 

After bringing the cheating allegations to SUNY, the school volunteered to pull Wolfie from the competition. 

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Now, instead of Wolfie winning for the third straight year, the new mascot champion will be either Oakie, SUNY Brockport’s Ellsworth the Eagle, Farmingdale State’s Ram-bo, or SUNY Delhi’s Blaze The Bronco. 

Poor Wolfie. Here’s hoping you can pick yourself back up after this salacious cheating scandal, and with a little PR rehab, maybe you can take the title back in 2025.

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