He's made us laugh or years and now he will give the commencement speech at Schenectady's Union College.

Upstate New York is not lacking in great colleges and universities to continue your education. As a matter of fact not only do we have a ton of colleges, but we also happen to have some very famous alumni from those colleges and universities.

Bill Pullman, Lisa Kudrow, Steve Guttenberg, Al Roker, Dick Clark, Meryl Streep, and more all graduated from Upstate New York schools. You can say a lot about our are but what you can't say is that we don't help make stars.

Now a 2003 alum of Union College will be returning to make the commencement speech at his former school.

Sonic The Hedgehog Family Day Event - Arrivals
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Ben Schwartz

That's right! Sonic the Hedgehog himself will be making the big speech this summer. You might also know him from his role in Parks and Rec as Jean-Ralphio.

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Union College posted the official news via their Instagram page with a very special message from the actor himself.

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