I'm not sure if you were aware, but Jimmy Fallon appeared in Albany this weekend.

The comedian and late-night host surprised fans at MVP Arena on Saturday night, after spending the afternoon crashing frat parties at The College of Saint Rose. He even talked about his weekend on The Tonight Show on Monday night, which was very entertaining to hear.

We've now heard from Fallon about this whole experience, but we had yet to hear from the man who invited him up to Upstate New York in the first place: comedian Nate Bargatze.

Dan Bahl
Dan Bahl

That was until Wednesday morning, when Bargatze released a new episode of his weekly podcast, Nateland. The episode, No. 191, was appropriately titled Airplanes, Applebees, and Jimmy Fallon.

Among other topics, Nate and the co-hosts talked about Jimmy Fallon on this episode. Shocking, I know.

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Bargatze recapped the weekend from his vantage point, and the comparison of his story, and Fallon's story, is fascinating. Fallon's story on The Tonight Show involved visiting his old apartment, and visiting with a handful of students during Kegs & Eggs. It all felt very brief, and somewhat surface-level.

Bargatze's version of the story, however, tells us a bit more about the chaos that ensued after Fallon arrived on campus. Check this out:

To sum up Bargatze's story, after walking around campus, Fallon and the group arrived at a frat party, and Fallon essentially disappeared into the crowd of college students. He was followed by Travis, Nate Bargatze's tour manager, in order to make sure he wasn't completely alone in the house.

Aside from the eye-opening tale about the frat party, other parts of this podcast segment are absolutely hilarious. Personally, I found it funny that Fallon (who, reportedly, makes $16 million a year with NBC) could not open a door to a bus bathroom in the middle of the night.

Also, most of us have been in the situation where we're with out friends, and we fall asleep at an ungodly hour of the night, and someone forgets to mute the ringer on their phone. Then, a phone call or alarm sets the phone off, and the entire room or household is now wide awake.

Bargatze, Fallon and the rest of the group performed in front of over 10,000 people each night this weekend, and Fallon's show is broadcast to millions of people five nights per week. Yet, at their core, they're all human beings, and have insane, unhinged weekends from time-to-time, just like us.

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