Another Generation Next featured artist Privilege B. I checked in with the bro to see how he was living during this Quarantine and feature him for 9 Questions. Privilege B is definitely one to look out for check out his 9 Questions and get to know him better. He will definitely be around for a while!

1. Who Are Your Favorite Artists?My favorite artist Future, Tupac, and lloyd banks.
2. When Did You Start Creating Music? I started creating music a few years ago.
3. What Is Your Goal For Your Music? After making my first single Savage, my goals in music is two create a record that reaches high on the
4. What Are Some Social Issues That You Think Are Important? I want to address the issues of poverty in urban city neighborhoods. There are far to many people suffering from poverty and it can really be avoided. Everyone should have enough money to eat live and survive.
5. Where Were You Raised And How Has it Influenced Your Music? I
was born and raised in Harlem, while currently residing in the Bronx. Being raised were I was raised definitely makes me want to address the issues of poverty in urban city neighborhoods.
6. Where Do You See Yourself In The Next 5 Years? In the next five years, I see myself being doing some monumental that helps my community.
7. What Makes You Different From Other Artist In Your Genre? I was raised in NYC with heavy influences and pressure of being an artist with lyrical ability; however, My sound was influenced by future and drake”s project What a time to be alive and Travis Scotts Rodeo album. I am one of these few artist making club records with a great bounce unique sound and some lyrical substance. For example
in my record cant you see im speaking about poverty. I put my focus on having fun and making people dance and move. In my music I speak about coming for a community with violence and poverty I just like to make music where people vibe in the clubs or in their
8. What's your favorite food and why? I enjoy eating burgers with honey mustard and fries.
9. What do you look for in a significant other? I hope to be with a woman who is woke and can have stimulating conversations about how we are going to fight against suppression.
*BONUS QUESTION* What Is The Most Important Thing About Music? The most important thing for me about music is the culture. I believe people should use music to elevate the black community because that is where it is made and our brothers and sisters can relate to it.

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