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Freestyle Friday
This week's Freestyle Friday #STRUGGLESANDSTRIDES Challenge. This is only for the true spitters. It's back: Freestyle Friday. Your chance to spit that fire on the radio.
No Casual Sex
Are you still hooking up during the pandemic? You're brave. If you are social distancing, that means no new sex partners. If you're not in a committed relationship, this might be the time to get to know yourself better.
Although I’ve seen a few young rappers still accepting “Pull Ups," a dating …
Comedian Ray Dejon
Comedian Ray Dejon called into The Supreme Experience to let us know about the Coronavirus and how it is affected him, his friends and family in New York City.
Henry Johnson Award 2020
This will be the 4th year that the City Of Albany is awarding someone with the Henry Johnson Award. This award is designated to someone who lives in the City Of Albany that is a leader and is contributing to the community.
Weekend Getaways
The biggest complaint I hear about the Capital Region is "there is nothing to do here". Well that isn't true there are plenty of things to do here, If you choose to believe that narrative, there are plenty of place to go that are close by with plenty to do...
Stop Helping Homeless People?
I agree with him! Everybody doing things these days to get Clout for what? Just to be seen?!
What happened to the days of helping people in need behind the scenes? Now everybody gotta record
it, do a story line behind it or even create go fund me accounts to act like they are really helping people
Artist Of The Year
Which artist had the entire Capital Region buzzing? Not just amongst the artist friends and family, but who had a good year this year?
Hot Awards 2019
Its that time of year again for HOT 991 is to celebrate the hottest in the Capital District. The Hot Awards are everything Capital Region.
Arena Bowl This Sunday
In case you haven't heard, the Albany Empire arena football team will be competing in the Arena Bowl championship game! The game is this Sunday 8/11 at the TU. The block party starts at 3 and kickoff is at 8.
Top 50 Of All Time
There is a list circulating around the web of the 50 all-time greatest rappers. Needless to say, no one agrees with the list because everyone has their personal favorites.
Captain JP For Sale
One of the most popular boats in the Capital Region is for sale. The owners of Captain J.P. have put the boat up for sale on Boat Traders.
The Breakfast Club
School Boy Q stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk to the squad. ScHoolBoy Q is working on a new project called Crash Talk.

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