S.N.U.G. Lia and Hot 991 want to end violence in the Capital District.  Recently Hot 991 and Lia have been teaming up with local organizations to combat violence in the Capital Region.
One of the ways we plan on doing this is by giving our youth more options than the streets have to offer.  The theme of the venture was entrepreneurship: S.N.U.G. has designed three concepts for a T-Shirt that they plan to sell to support ventures, such as field trips, entertainment, food and more.
Support the movement! You can help vote for your favorite anti-violence t-shirt inside of the Hot 991 app.  The design that gets the most votes will be printed and made for sale.  Voting ends on 10/1/19, help support S.N.U.G. to end violence in the Capital Region by voting for your favorite design.

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