Have you ever wanted to own your own commercial luxury yacht? Well, one of the most popular boats in the Capital Region is for sale. The owners of Captain J.P. have put the boat up for sale on Boat Traders. I thought this was the one that went loose in February apparently that one has been fixed but the Captain JP II is for sale.

This vessel is one of the largest and most lavish luxury dinner yachts in service. She is classified as a USCG Sub-Chapter T vessel certified to carry 657 persons. Her Stability letter allows her to operate with 675 persons on protected waters. She is capable of seating in excess of 500 passengers, is fully air conditioned and has a state-of-the art sound system. She has a four passenger-deck configuration and a full professional galley below the main deck. Three of her decks are completely enclosed. She has full service bars and dance floors on each deck. She is equipped to provide the highest level of service to the largest parties.
The vessel is in service, is beautifully maintained and ready to continue serving passengers in a luxurious manner.

In case you couldn't read the price tag, yes that is 2 Million. What would you do with the Captain JP if you could afford it?

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