518 Generation NExt
These were last week's top 5, shout out to The Legendary LNS, Brixkz Da Boss, $Ikario, A-Ram and Rell Godly. They had the most votes last week and will return again this week.
'Toxic' Future Coronavirus Memes
Twitter is always on top of it when it comes to making a serious matter a laughing matter. Sometimes people feel it is better to laugh about things that you can’t control.
There is nothing that most can do about the coronavirus and so little is known best thing to do is just wash your…
Have You Ever Heard Of This Albany YouTube Legend?
I found a post about this guy who used to live in Albany? His name is Shoenice and he has appeared on Tosh.0 in Shoenices CeWEBrity, he says Albany as the worst city he has lived in. He apparently is active on YouTube and is semi internet famous for eating random things...
Kobe Bryan 02-24-20
Funeral arrangements for Kobe Bryant, and his daughter Gianna have been made and were announced today via his wife Vanessa Bryant’s Instagram page
Brawl In The Mall
When are the fights at Crossgates mall going to end?
The last time I was there, I did see an increase of security. So it shocked me that this past weekend I hear of another brawl that took place with these out of hand juvenile delinquents...
No More Sharing
Oooo Netflix thinks it’s slick. How are you going to raise prices and then tell me that I can’t share my account password so someone can use the services I’m paying for? They have lost their mind, people are already fed up with the rise in cost...
Captain JP For Sale
One of the most popular boats in the Capital Region is for sale. The owners of Captain J.P. have put the boat up for sale on Boat Traders.
Eminem Look Alike Arrested For Trespassing
A picture of trespassing suspect went viral when the suspect had a striking resemblance to Slim Shady. When the Rochester NH police department posted the picture of the suspect, the internet went crazy. According to NME, this is how it all went down...
Today's HOT ASS MESS is Blac Chyna. As many of you may know, reality TV star Blac Chyna’s sex tape was leaked this weekend.
Charlamagne awards Kristine Leahy "Donkey Of The Day" for playing victim in her argument against Lavar Ball. Krisine Leahy went way over the line with her commentary on Lavar Ball.
Lavar Ball has been the center of controversy since he announced that his son will sell his own bask…
Deez Knots !!!!
Hey do you rememeber Deez ? Deez Who ? you might ask your self.... Deez Nuts. I know old and corny but the old joke is making a serious comeback in 2015 courtesy of Welven Da Great:
Apparently Papa Johns is taking advantage of the viral craze by using the joke for an advertisement...
Check Out This Wife’s Revenge On A Cheating Husband
Cheating men are part of the dating process, until you meet your husband then it all changes. Well at least it is supposed to change. This woman caught her cheating husband (Patrick Brown) who got his mistress pregnant (Shara Cormier), and decided to put them on blast via the local newspaper...
This YouTube Love Serenade Is Painfully Awkward
“Everything I do, I do it for you,” sings Bryan Adams in his notoriously sappy smash hit of the same name.
YouTube user THASSLEHOFF seconds that emotion, choosing the Robin Hood movie theme to serenade a fair maiden named Emily.
THASSLEHOFF preempted the inevitable criticis…
Father Beats Stepson With Belt [VIDEO]
California native Anthony Sanchez is getting a lot of heat because of a viral video, which captured him beating his stepson with a belt. The reason for his frustration is the boy missing a baseball while playing catch.