Nope. Just, nope.

You will never look at something as mundane as using the bathroom the same way ever again after watching this video.

TikTok user Christina Phillip998 recently shared her close encounter with a snake in her toilet.

"Close" might be a bit of an understatement. In the video, Christina breathlessly screams about just getting up off the toilet before noticing the snake.

New fear unlocked.

Christina says in the video that it is a yellow rat snake, which are known to be nonvenomous.

You may notice the snake doesn't move much at all in the video. This is a common trait among yellow rat snakes.

"Rat snakes are relatively slow moving and will most often 'freeze' when first encountering danger," according to the Chattahoochee Nature Center website. "When 'freezing' to the ground they will often take on a rippled posture, looking like a large unironed ribbon."

Yep, that sounds exactly like Christina's new bathroom buddy.

She posted a follow-up video once the snake was extracted to show its length. Christina estimates there was at least five feet of snake curled up in the bowl of the toilet.

The sheer terror in Christina's voice seems to be what's resonated with TikTok users who have created a stitch with her original video.

Most tend to agree that finding a snake in your toilet is pure nightmare fuel as they have been inspired to now check their own toilets before sitting down.


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