Would you rather get a speeding ticket or have the cops call your parents?

That was a very real scenario for a 16-year-old Florida boy who was clocked speeding past a patrol car at 132 MPH.

'Call Your Father'

According to a body camera footage released by the Orange County Sheriff's Office, Corporal Greg Rittger stopped the vehicle on Interstate 4. The highway runs through Orlando and the surrounding suburbs.

"Call your father, I need him here now," Rittger can be heard saying in the video.

Seconds later, the dad is on the phone while the officer explains the incident. He repeats the eye-popping radar reading twice as the father struggles to believe his son reached those numbers behind the wheel.

What Happens When The Parents Arrive

The video then cuts to the parents arriving at the scene where Rittger tells them why they were asked to come for their son.

He explains that a vehicle that can reach those speeds is "too much" for a 16-year-old and that he had seen a similar situation in the past that had a much worse ending.

"He wrapped that car around a tree and now these parents don't have a kid," Rittger recounts the story for the parents of the recent offender.

The teen was issued a speeding ticket and sent home with his parents.

"If he was 18, he'd be going to jail and the car would be towed," the officer tells Mom and Dad.

The maximum speed limit on Florida interstates is 70 MPH.

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