I’ve never really been into Christmas but somehow, someway this year I finally put up my tree and I’m really feeling that Christmas vibe. 

It's finally Christmas, so all that hustle and grinding you did for the holiday season ends today!  Now you should be able to relax and chill with the family and the friends to celebrate Christmas the way you want to.  Here are some ideas and things I’ve participated in to get ya’ll in the Christmas spirit.

  1. The White Elephant Game – Now a lot of offices do this, but I actually attended one at a friends house where we all bought a gift under $20 and under and we put it under the tree, pulled numbers from a hat and got to pick and steal each others gifts until there were no more gifts left. 
  2. Share love with your neighbors, give them a Christmas card with a $5 gift card for coffee or a breakfast sandwich.  My neighbors always bring me food every Holiday.
  3. Ugly Christmas Sweaters – You won’t catch me in them joints, they itch. But hey….there is always the PJ’s.
  4. Wear Matching Christmas PJ’s – Yea it may seem corny, sometimes I can’t even find ones that fit.  But this is a family tradition for many, hurry to the store before they are all sold out today.
  5. Write a Letter to Santa – Sit down with your kids and if they believe in Santa, let them write him a lil letter.  Make sure they leave the cookies out and milk for him too….
  6. Make Christmas Cookies – Try not to eat them the night you make them, remember if you have a little one that believes in Santa, they need to be gone before you wake up in the morning.
  7. Watch a Classic Christmas Movie – There are so many out there you can watch with family -  I really enjoyed the Best Man Holiday & Preachers Wife. Great Holiday Soundtrack too!
  8. Attend Church Service – If you celebrate Christmas for the religious aspect, then this is a tradition that the majority find themselves doing Christmas Eve.  They aren’t out partying or turning up, they are in the house of the lord Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. 
  9. Take a Drive/Walk through Your Neighborhood – Christmas Lights are up and get extreme every year.  The kids get a kick out of seeing everything light up and in motion right before Christmas.

I want to know what your Christmas traditions are if you have any….share!

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