There are only a couple of days to register to vote in the state of New York. There is a big push to get people registered to vote before the deadline. Come join Hot 991 at this Activate Your Voter Empowerment Pop-Up.


Regardless of your voting choice, your voice should be heard especially with today's political climate it's important for all eligible voters to be informed and make a decision about who should lead this country and most importantly our local communities.

Not only is this election about picking who should be the president of the United States there are local positions that will affect the average voter way more than who becomes the President.

This year on the ballot not only will we decide who the next President will be, but there will also be elections for congressmen who actually make the laws.

Also on the state level, we have State Assembly and State Senate members who are actively running campaigns right now. Local judges and District Attorney's are also to be elected this fall. There are so many people that are running campaigns on cruise control because they know that all eyes are on Trump/Biden.


These people are just as important as the President maybe even more because these people propose laws. The executive branch in state and federal government only signs into law what these people recommend. Everyone know who their senator is on a state and federal level.

Check out the interview with activist/business owner Erin Hundley as we discuss the importance of Activating your Vote. Come and hang out tomorrow from 12 - 5p at 510 State Street in Schenectady. To get the official rundown on how you can activate your vote.

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