I agree with him! Everybody doing things these days to get Clout for what? Just to be seen?!
What happened to the days of helping people in need behind the scenes? Now everybody gotta record
it, do a story line behind it or even create go fund me accounts to act like they are really helping people
out. I’m sure most have good intentions but when does it go to far?

R&B singer Tank believes that some people go too far when highlighting their good deeds on social
media. He said on his social media page “Before you record yourself ‘helping’ the homeless,’ imagine
the lowest point in your life on Facebook Live … #HelpNeedsNoCamera. For people who are
experiencing hard times, a video or photo could lead to further embarrassment, Tank says.

I know a lot of people this season that are afraid to ask for help for these exact same reasons, they don’t
want to be looked on as a charity case. Tank has a point, if you truly are wanting to help, everything
doesn’t have to publicized. Think about that, the next time you want to record or take pictures of
helping someone out.

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