Hot 5 : Capital Region Music Videos
The Capital Region continues to showcase brightly on YouTube and other video outlets as well as social media. Check out these five Capital Region that has been taking over social media with their music video contributions.
Big Dummy Files
French Montana expanded on how there are only two people he feels like would be able to beat him in a beat battle, Drake, and Jay-Z.
Stop Helping Homeless People?
I agree with him! Everybody doing things these days to get Clout for what? Just to be seen?!
What happened to the days of helping people in need behind the scenes? Now everybody gotta record
it, do a story line behind it or even create go fund me accounts to act like they are really helping people
Feds Press Charges
Santana had initially faced both state and federal charges after he was found carrying a gun and oxycodone pills in his carry on at Newark Liberty International Airport.
Beanie Sigel Vs Charlamagne
Veteran Philly rapper Beanie Sigel stops by the Breakfast Club to talk about his beef with Meek Mill and The Game, problems with State Property. Things got a little shaky when Beanie Sigel tells Charlamagne, he is not qualified to talk about these issues...
Bobby V Stops By The Breakfast Club [VIDEO]
Singer Bobby V stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his new venture. Bobby V has stepped away from music for the past couple of years. He has re emerged in a new BET film called Hollywood Hearts. Bobby V also has a new album on the way welcome back Bobby V...
Side Ballers
Keisha Renee and Rodney B. More talk about screenshots, and give their insights on some of the screenshots you send us.
Today they're discussing if bagging a baller is okay! Is it okay to have a side dude who takes care of you or is that violation of relationship law ...
Consequence Interview
New York rapper Consequence stops by the Breakfast Club to talk about his new EP "A Good Comeback Story". He also talks mending his relationship with Kanye West who brought him into the rapped game. He also talks about what exactly happened at SNL when Kanye went off and more...
Is 'Star Wars' Racist?
Another Hot Topic with the release of the "Star Wars" movie trailer. The Great Debaters, debate on whether or not the new "Star Wars" movie is racist or not?
Police Beat Men In Troy
Four people were arrested and four Troy police officers were injured after an altercation outside a Troy nightclub on Sunday morning, according to the Times Union.
A video (see below) of the altercation went viral on social media over the weekend, which shows a group of men and police officers …
Empre Cast Sings To Cookie
This Saturday I got to check out the premiere of Season 2 of Empire it comes on Wednesday Sept 23rd. There was an early showing at Carnagie Hall in NYC last saturday. All the Empire Cast was there and it was the day after Taraji P Henson's birthday the whole cast got together for an impromptu v…
Woman Dies
A Texas woman died in a car crash on Thursday while chasing down her husband and another woman, according to Houston police. The woman crashed into another vehicle head-on. Her husband and the other woman were not injured. The man driving the vehicle she collided with was taken to a nearby hospital.…

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