Have you been paying attention to all the allegations of domestic violence. When it comes to hitting your significant other we should all just say no, this goes for men and women. With the recent arrest of boxer Gervonta “Tank” Davis regarding an alleged assault involving his daughters mother Dretta.

Rapper Nicki Minaj accusing her ex-boyfriend, rapper Meek Mill of physical violence and 2 Texas A&M students murdered at the hands of one of their boyfriends who was also reportedly physically abusive, all in the same week, it’s no wonder why 2020 is not off to a good start.

Domestic violence is one of those things where people usually choose sides. “What did she do to make him upset?” or “What did he do for her to react like that?” As in the case with Gervonta and Dretta, there is video of the alleged assault so social media was divided with opinions on what may have happened.

Meek Mill is adamant that Nicki Minaj’s claims are invalid and at this point it’s his word against hers, so we may never know the truth. Individual judgements aside, I think we can all agree that physical harm against another person is not always the answer, but unfortunately as seen in the incident at Texas A&M this week, even having a protective order in place does not guarantee your safety.

Let’s just spread love and keep our hands to ourselves.

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